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House Passes Legislation to Create Automatic Voter Registration in Massachusetts

Bill seeks to remove barriers to voter registration and increase voter turnout (BOSTON) – Representative Malia (D-11th Suffolk) joined her colleagues in the House to pass legislation creating an efficient and streamlined automatic voter registration (AVR) system, while also protecting the privacy of individuals. This legislation directs the Secretary of State to work with the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) and MassHealth to automatically enroll eligible individuals to the Commonwealth’s voter rolls. The Secretary of State will adopt regulations governing the AVR system, including provisions requiring electronic transmission, data security protocols, and integration with online portals. Und

House Passes Legislation to Ban Conversion Therapy

(BOSTON) – Representative Malia (D-11th Suffolk) joined her colleagues in the House to pass legislation that will prevent healthcare professionals from engaging in “conversion therapy” including practices that attempt to change an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity. This bill outlines and excludes counseling and healthcare practices that are designed to support an individual and facilitate coping. According to the American Psychological Association, conversion therapy “may pose serious risk of harm,” such as “confusion, depression, guilt, helplessness, hopelessness, shame, social withdrawal, and suicidality”. Violation of this law would result in a healthcare provider being s

House Passes Landmark Peter V. Kocot Health Care Legislation

Seeks to stabilize the marketplace and increase transparency (BOSTON) – Representative Malia (D-11th Suffolk) joined her colleagues in the House to pass legislation that seeks to ensure residents across the Commonwealth have access to high-quality health care as the marketplace continues to experience volatility while, at the same time, laying the groundwork for continuous improvement to the Commonwealth’s nationally-leading health care infrastructure. The Peter V. Kocot Act (PVK Act) builds off the cost containment goals of Chapter 224, Chapter 58, and the Special Commission on Provider Price Variation (PPV Commission) by appropriately recognizing the vital role that community hospitals and

MA Legislature Announces Comprehensive Proposal on Family and Medical Leave, Minimum Wage, and Sales

BOSTON - The Massachusetts House of Representatives and the Massachusetts State Senate announced today a legislative proposal to raise the minimum wage; create a framework for paid family and medical leave for most workers; phase out time-and-a-half pay on Sundays; and establish a permanent sales tax holiday. The legislation is based on months of negotiations with stakeholders sponsoring proposed ballot questions for the November 2018 election. It is scheduled to come to the House and Senate floors on Wednesday. Among other initiatives, this legislative proposal does the following: Creates a permanent sales tax holiday, beginning in 2019; Increases the minimum wage to $15.00 over the next fi

Ms. Carol Miranda Receives Unsung Heroine Award

BOSTON - In a State House ceremony on June 20, Representative Liz Malia (D-11th Suffolk) honored Ms. Carol Miranda, as a member of the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women’s (MCSW) 2018 class of Unsung Heroines, for her commitment to anti-poverty initiatives in Jamaica Plain and Roxbury. Ms. Miranda was honored with 130 other Unsung Heroines for her outstanding contributions to her community. Carol is dedicated to anti-poverty initiatives in Jamaica Plain and Roxbury. As a program coordinator for a family support, community engagement, and school readiness organization, Carol addressed the academic achievement gap among children from the lowest income families and communities. Car

H4549, Capital facility repairs and improvements for the Commonwealth

The House plans to vote today on H4549, An Act providing for capital facility repairs and improvements for the Commonwealth. I'm proud that we were able to include the following items in this capital bond bill: $80.6M to renovate the Tower building at the Dr. William A. Hinton Laboratory in the city of Boston (Forest Hills) $8M for renovations at West Roxbury division of the Boston municipal court (Forest Hills) $3.6M for infrastructure upgrades at Roxbury Community College (Rox X) $1M for repairs and renovations to the Boston police department headquarters in Roxbury (Ruggles) $1M for the design and construction of a new fire station at Engine 42 in Roxbury (Egleston)

Housing Bond bill authorizes $1.8 billion in new capital spending

The recently passed Housing Bond bill authorizes $1.8 billion in new capital spending for the production and preservation of affordable housing for low- to moderate-income households, supportive housing and housing serving vulnerable populations. Additionally, the legislation authorizes $650 million for public housing modernization and redevelopment, as well as $45 million for capital improvements at Early Education and Care facilities. The housing bond bill includes: State Low-Income Housing Tax Credit: Extends the state’s ability to commit $20 million per year in tax credits to affordable housing projects until 2025 and authorizes an additional $5 million per year in tax credits specifical

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