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House Rules Debate: Malia's Transparency Amendment Adopted

BREAKING: This evening, I’m very grateful to the House of Representatives for adopting my amendment #34 to the House Rules, which addresses a transparency gap on our public-facing MA Legislature website. Currently, according to House Rule 13A, the text of all bills introduced and admitted for consideration in the House must be made available to all members electronically, and to the public via the Internet. The amendment makes clear that dockets must also be made available online to the public. Based on my bill filing and co-sponsorship-request experience over the last few weeks, it became clear to me, my staff, my constituency and many advocates that it would be a much easier process if eve

Rep. Malia Legislation Filed for 191st General Court

Behavioral Health HD3612 - An Act strengthening recovery high schools Amends the special education stabilization fund to include Recovery High Schools (RHS), increases in the foundation rate per pupil amount RHS can charge, and subject to appropriation, allows RHS to be considered as regional schools for the purposes of transportation reimbursements only. RHS are not special education placements, so districts cannot use circuit breaker money even for SPED students. HD3621 - An Act relative to diversion to substance use disorder treatment for non-violent drug offenders (Malia/Mayor Walsh) Creates a new pathway to treatment for court-involved individuals struggling with subst

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