How to Sign Up and Where to Go

Here is the information that the Baker administration has provided so far. While there have been some obstacles in the initial rollout that might require some patience from all of us, here is the best information that we have right now:

Am I Eligible? 

Phase II of Vaccinations began on February 1, to check your eligibility please consult the image below or go to:

I Am Eligible, How do I sign up? Where do I go? 

As of February 1st, If you are 75 or above, or were eligible in Phase 1, you can sign up for your immunization appointment at:

Currently, the closest appointments for most of us in the 11th Suffolk District are at the Reggie Lewis Field House, though you may sign up for any of the statewide sites, like Fenway Park or Gillette Stadium, if there is a more convenient time for you and you can access those places easily. We will keep updating this page with more vaccination sites in the district as they come on line. 

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