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Copper to Fiber Transition in Roxbury

Please be advised that Verizon will be sending notices to customers in Roxbury that they are upgrading their services from their copper network to their fiber network over the coming months. You will receive this letter and Q&A describing the move.

Here’s what customers need to know about this move:

  • The upgrade will provide access to the same voice service at the same price, but over our all-fiber network

  • Fiber provides a much more reliable, resilient service for our customers

  • The upgrade to fiber-optic technology will be performed at no cost

  • There are no changes to how customers access 911 emergency service as a result of upgrading to our fiber network

  • Devices such as facsimile, security alarms connected to a central station, or medical monitoring equipment will continue to work in the same way as they did over copper.

  • A battery power unit provides backup power for voice service in the event of a commercial power outage.

Verizon is doing these conversions in waves to make the transition smooth for all. They will notify the affected customers directly. As they work to complete these conversions, they will make multiple attempts by phone and mail to reach customers to schedule an appointment on a day convenient to the customer.

Please contact our office if you need further assistance regarding this matter.

-Team Malia

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