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Massachusetts Department of Transportation Casey Arborway Update: 2-Week Look-Ahead: December 3th to

Throughout the period covered by this look-ahead, work will take place below ground at Forest Hills Station. During all three weeks, electric components associated with the jet fans and the jet fans themselves will be installed. To facilitate this work, one side of the Forest Hills platform is shut down. This condition will continue through December, 2016. The MBTA has a protocol in place to ensure that this temporary condition, which the agency has used elsewhere in its system, does not impact service. Taking this approach allows work to proceed without resort to weekend or late night bus substitutions.

Also during the three weeks covered by this look ahead, work will take place on the 48-inch water lines in the area formerly occupied by the overpass west (towards the Arboretum) of South Street. Likewise, throughout the next three weeks, newly planted trees will be watered as needed and appropriate.

The period by this look ahead allows night and weekend work to take place on an as-needed basis to facilitate converting Shea Circle to Shea Square. This is being done to allow the change-over while minimizing impacts on the traveling public. Work will include shifting lanes, activating signals, and moving temporary barrier. Night work will be substantially less noisy than demolition of the overpass during summer 2015. Residents and commuters should expect the transition to Shea Square to happen through a series of sequenced, micro-stages of work.

During the week of December 5th, operations will concentrate on the following:

  • For the area between Washington Street and Shea Circle:

  • Installation and wiring of traffic signals at Shea Square, Cemetery Road and the eastern median U-turn.

  • Constructing Shea Square through a series of sequenced micro-stagese

  • At Forest Hills Station, forming and reinforcing the busway expansion sidewalk and median.

During the week of December 12th:

  • All operations not taking place below grade at Forest Hills Station will focus on completing the transition to Shea Square.

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