3-Week Look-Ahead: March 10th to March 31st

3-Week Look-Ahead: March 10th to March 31st.


Beginning on Saturday, March 25, 2017 and running through June all Orange Line train service will arrive and depart from the western side of the Forest Hills platform (towards the Arboretum). Normal two track operation will continue immediately north of the Station.

Throughout the period covered by this look-ahead, work will take place below ground at Forest Hills Station to install electrical components and support structures associated with the jet fans and new head-house. Likewise, over the course of all three weeks, drainage will be installed along the permanent alignment of the Arborway between Washington Street and Shea Square.

During the week of March 13th, operations will concentrate on the following:

  • Installation of elements of the 48” MWRA water line near Shea Square.

  • For the area west (towards the Arboretum) of South Street along the mainline Arborway:

  • Reactivation of sections of the 48” water line. All work will take place within the work zone and will not impact traffic.

  • Installation of drainage from the westbound Arborway into Toole Square and South Street.

  • Installation of traffic signal and street lighting conduit at the intersection of South Street/New Washington Street.

  • At Forest Hills Station, installation of safety screen along the upper busway expansion parapet wall.

  • For Washington Street west of Forest Hills Station adjacent to the upper busway:

  • Shifting traffic to a new, temporary alignment, several feet further east (towards the upper busway) to facilitate work in this area. Drivers should note that this temporary alignment will result in a single northbound (towards Centre Street and the monument) lane between Ukraine Way and the entrance to the upper busway. This operation is highly weather-dependent as conditions must be right to allow the application of temporary roadway striping paint. If applicable conditions are not available, this operation will shift from week to week until such time as they are.

During the week of March 20th, work will address the following elements: