COVID-19 End of Week Update 5/17/20

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

To help dispel any misunderstanding, the Commonwealth of MA is NOT REOPENING on Monday 5/18.

Rather, the Governor will announce plans for how to safely and slowly re-open businesses. This will need to be done carefully and incrementally, with very strict guidelines and policies. To echo some of his comments this week, we’ve been shut down since 3/23 and it’s been hard. We have to be flexible and honest about our reopening approach and revisit our approach based on what the metrics tell us.

Our ability to move forward and how successful we are depends on everyone and the role they play. To be clear, the state has *NOT* told any non-essential businesses (businesses not currently open) that they will be able to open yet. There continues to be no vaccine or cure for this deadly virus, and re-opening in an irresponsible fashion will cost thousands of lives in our Commonwealth and negate all of our efforts at social distancing and sheltering in place over these last two months. It’s hard to plan for the future when we don’t have certainties on how the virus moves and operates across time. We must continue sharing information with each other.

Our work has been paying off, that’s why we’re here and able to move forward in this manner now. This is, however, no time to quit -- we have to keep driving forward and respecting the data; with time and patience, we’ll get there. To save lives, it’s critically important we continue to socially distance and wear face coverings, even if you are not showing symptoms. We need everyone to help us spread this message.

As we celebrate virtually with our 2020 graduates, we wish for them the courage, tenacity and perseverance to reinvent much of the world as we know it toward a new "normal".


Liz Malia

MA State Representative, 11th Suffolk District

State Updates

5/11 - The Governor announced a 4-Phased Reopening Approach to begin reopening the MA economy when the public health data deem it is safe to address and told us to expect industry-specific guidance in the coming days. The goal of the phased reopening is to allow certain businesses, services, and activities to resume while protecting public health and limiting a resurgence of new COVID-19 cases.