COVID-19 End of Week Update + Protests 5/31/20

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Once again, Bostonians are in the streets demanding an end to racism and police brutality. George Floyd's murder probably feels personal to you; if you see your own brother, cousin, uncle or father in Floyd's final pleas, I am sorry for the additional trauma during an already extremely difficult time.

Many of us are weeping with you, and those who can are in the streets in at least 75 cities to say that enough is enough. The world is rarely ready for a movement to blossom. I hope that this one succeeds in bending our nation's arc, and that the combined cry of voices raised for equity and justice continues to center the experiences, wisdom and needs of Black, Latino and Native people as we rebuild our broken systems.

Regarding reopening, the decision that will determine if and when we enter the next phase of the state's plan, which includes retail stores, restaurants and nail salons inviting customers back, and public pools and lodging, is dependent on the public health data collected over the next 5 days between 6/1-6/6. The earliest phase 2 of the state's restart plan could possibly begin is Monday 6/8. The Administration will announce next Sat. 6/6 when phase 2 will be allowed to begin. Please be safe and continue to follow the guidance around physical distancing, facial coverings, and the City's curfew 9PM-6AM).

With a heavy and hopeful heart,


Liz Malia

State Representative, 11th Suffolk


State Updates

5/29 - On Monday 6/1, Governor Baker will issue an executive order with a detailed list of sectors that fall into each phase of reopening and will allow phase II businesses to bring back employees to prepare for reopening. ​

5/29 - Starting today, MA residents who receive SNAP benefits can use their EBT card to buy food online from Walmart and Amazon. Read more here.

5/29 - MassDEP and the Attorney General's Office will resume the enforcement of beverage container redemption requirements. Enforcement will resume at retailers using reverse vending machines on 6/5 and at retailer