COVID-19 End of Week Update + 10 Point Plan & Reopening Phase 2, Part 1 6/7/20

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Our hearts are broken by the murders of our brothers and sisters who should be alive today.

I will continue to listen and live what I believe. And I do - every day - in my work to fight for state funding for vital community and youth violence prevention programs that support groups like Project R.I.G.H.T. (Rebuild and Improve Grove Hall Together) who work on the ground through dedicated and trained staff to wrap around, protect, uplift, and empower the lives our young people in Grove Hall and other nearby neighborhoods in Boston. This year, the fight will be that much harder given the economic state of our city, commonwealth and country. We're now hearing estimates of a $2.5-$6 billion shortfall in state revenue, with the start of the new fiscal year just around the corner. I will dig in and fight like hell for the residents of the 11th Suffolk district.

Everything shifted and we now have COVID immediate response work to do on a daily basis (food, housing, unemployment, health care). We must, however, simultaneously continue to be persistent in our advocacy around our pre-COVID policy aspirations that we've all been eyeing since the beginning of this session, if not last -- specifically those proposals that seek to strengthen protections for our immigrant neighbors, for our environment, for our young people accessing health care -- and much more. In the coming weeks, my work will center around the legislative agenda my colleagues of color at all three levels of government from around the state powerfully outlined this week, as well as continuing to push for additional CORI reforms and the necessary funding for the technology to make automatic record sealing possible. In our own backyards, instead of incarcerating people with mental illness, let's provide them with supportive housing and treatment. It’s the morally right thing to do, will save public dollars and improve everyone’s quality of life.

We ended the week by kicking off Boston Pride's 50th Celebration in 2020 with a virtual flag raising ceremony. Watch the video, featuring yours truly, here:

Finally, starting tomorrow 6/8, as we enter Part 1 of Phase 2 of the state's reopening plan, please continue to respect each other and the virus by doing your part. Be safe and continue to follow the guidance around physical distancing, facial coverings, and the City's curfew (9 PM - 6 AM).

Still with a heavy and hopeful heart,