Getting in touch!

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Since CoVid forced us to work remotely over a year ago, we’ve encountered challenges and learning opportunities. Remote hearings and meetings allowed many who might not otherwise be able to get to Beacon Hill to participate in the legislative process. I’m glad that some of these new practices were extended into our regular rules for the new session. They are steps, however small, towards greater transparency in government.

Adopting new practices and technology hasn’t been entirely seamless. State House technology infrastructure isn’t cutting edge, and the remote phone system has presented occasional challenges. We have had major trouble with it since January. Every time that we thought the problem was resolved, another problem seemed to pop up. I’m grateful to so many of you who have brought voicemail problems to my attention. Fortunately, my staff might have found the solution and we hope that it will be resolved soon.

For now, especially if you’d like to make your voice known or are a constituent seeking help navigating the offices of the commonwealth, please do not hesitate to reach out via email at:

Hopefully the phone situation will be resolved by State House technical experts soon. My staff and I can’t wait to hear from you as things continue to return to normal.



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