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Getting Same Day Voter Registration Done

Implementing Same Day Voter Registration is critically important to protecting voter’s rights and ensuring our democracy’s further success. After last night’s vote, I want to be transparent as to why I did not support the SDR amendment to the VOTES Act. H4359 improves voting accessibility in ways that I have not seen since beginning my time in office, and I am extremely proud to support it and many of the amendments that I believe improve the bill, and its chances of being enacted as law. It was clear to me that including SDR in the bill would kill it as soon as it arrived at the Governor’s office, and we did not have the votes to overturn that veto.

Let me be clear: we must enact Same Day Voter Registration. That’s why I introduced H813, which will allow us to focus solely on SDR, and gives us the best chance of implementing it without putting the rest of the amazing policy in the VOTES act in jeopardy. I urge my colleagues to join me in making sure H813 makes it to the floor for a robust and productive debate. Let’s deliver for MA residents by providing them with this much needed legislation - the right way.

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