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What's a "Local Education District" without Local Leaders?

In March, a report titled “The Boston Public Schools’ Road to Receivership” was released, recommending that the Commonwealth intervene in the district through State Receivership. Since then, the conversation around receivership has only increased, as parents and school communities wait to find out what the state is intending to do.

I want to be very clear: Receivership is not the path forward for Boston Public Schools.

In over just a decade since receiverships were enacted into law, we have seen 3 districts undergo State Receivership - Lawrence Public Schools, Holyoke Public Schools, and Southbridge Public Schools. Today, Southbridge ranks the lowest of all school districts in the Commonwealth. Holyoke ranks the second lowest, and Lawrence ranks 16th from the bottom. And now, over 10 years after it was placed under receivership, the Lawrence community is desperately fighting to regain local control over their schools.

BPS is an incredibly diverse school community with a variety of challenges that must be met. Across the 113 schools that BPS serves, more than 81% of students are identified as students with high-needs. Those needs must be met by community-based solutions and engagement, and a furthering of investment into schools serving underprivileged, marginalized, and impoverished communities.

I have faith that with a new leadership team currently being assembled, and an incredible promise on behalf of the city outlining new investments in BPS buildings, that the work is ready to be done. It is critical that the state does not interrupt the momentum of these improvements, which is why I stand firmly against receivership.

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