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Some news, with gratitude.

After doing policy and political work long enough you know that change is inevitable; you plan for what you can, and meet the unexpected with as much grace as possible. The past year+ has been filled with the second kind, and now feels like a good time to share some long-planned personal changes. I will retire from public office at the end of this session.

My time in public service has been a gift. For nearly 30 years, I’ve worked alongside a steady crew of dedicated activists in Wards 11, 12 and 19. I have also had the privilege of exchanging ideas with many new people who bring diverse perspectives and experience, and an enthusiasm for the democratic process. Together we’ve enacted laws that helped Massachusetts live up to its progressive reputation- marriage equality, near-universal healthcare, increased access to mental health services- and there’s so much more to do. With nine months left in the legislative session, safety net policies will be my focus. I hope to ensure more resources for accessible and affordable mental health programs, substance use disorder treatment, victims of the sex trade, and any other issues we can push.

On the 2nd Wednesday in January, 2023, new leaders will join the legislature to represent a host of people historically ignored by power. This thoughtfully redesigned political landscape is a generational opportunity to welcome fresh voices. It has been the honor of a lifetime to advocate for the neighborhoods of the 11th Suffolk. Thank you for your partnership and trust. I know the next representative is lucky to be working with wonderful people who are passionate about our neighborhoods and committed to building a more just and compassionate place for us all to live.

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