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Springtime in Franklin Park

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

You probably have your eye out for the yearly signs of spring; budding trees, garden cleanups, the April 1 return of street sweeping, and dirt bike/ATV caravans? It’s been a long, lonely winter. I’m anxious for a return to normal, and looking for relief in the outdoors and time spent safely with friends again. You too?

Fireworks and dirt bikes are seasonal markers that bring joy and tension across the city, and at all levels of government we’ve heard your pleas to help find a way for us all to enjoy our outdoor spaces in harmony.

Living on the edge of Franklin Park, I’ve had a front seat to these yearly concerns. There’ve been no easy answers. I’m grateful to city councilors O’Malley and Mejia for continuing the dialogue this week. Whatever long-term solutions we put into place should follow Olmstead's principle of respite and joy for all. That means not criminalizing activities and people who enjoy the park differently than we would. In the short term, though, please don’t hesitate to use 311 to report noise complaints and other non-emergency issues as we re-learn life after lockdown.

We are all looking forward to a beautiful, relaxing, and fun spring and summer in Franklin Park. I look forward to continuing to engage in constructive dialogue about how we can do that well together.

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